Lil Nas X to Blow Buddha Until He Reaches Nirvana!

They say sex sells, but even when it doesn’t, it has been known to launch or even further careers. In contemporary times, it is perhaps Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape that stands out as modern canon for fucking your way into the public consciousness, but more recently, it wasn’t a Kardashian, but rather a dark, ashy man that got a dill from the devil.

Last week, Lil Nas X, a social media whore turned pop musician, released a simulated snuff flick entitled “MONTERO: Call Me by Your Name,” which featured him engaging in simulated anal sex with Satan, after which he kills his demonic lover by snapping the Dark Prince’s neck.

The video has garnered the attention of which Lil Nas X has always dreampt, both negative and positive, and like anything that garners success, the progenitor is likely to repeat it, and it is exactly this that Lil Nas X has represented he will do. When we asked Lil Nas X about his future plans, Lil Nas X stated that he intends to blow Buddha until he reaches Nirvana.

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