ANDREW CUOMO: ‘Bill Clinton Taught Me that Raping Women is Easy when You’re the Governor’

Life for New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has not been easy as of late. Starting last December, numerous women began leveling accusations of sexual impropriety against the embattled bureaucrat.

Despite his claims of innocence, Governor Cuomo may soon find himself betrayed by his own, though unreleased, memoir, “Reamed by my Father,” a draft of which has come into the possession of the New York Putz.

On page 135, in a chapter entitled “Cuomo to Daddy,” the Governor states, “Bill Clinton taught me everything I needed to know to get a head in whatever I wanted. He showed me that raping women is easy when you’re the Governor.” He further reveals that “it was those lessons that drove my political ambition, and much like the DNC, I quickly learned how to use women to serve my purposes.”

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